I just love watching the Olympics!  I recorded a bunch of sessions and started watching them when I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was thankful to tune in during the short track relay event.  Is there anything funnier than watching the skaters push each other like that?  Although I do get dizzy just watching them go around and around.

Dan and I spent Valentine’s doing what we do best.  Being homebody’s.  The day started out with breakfast in bed :)  No pictures, I was too busy enjoying being pampered.  Lunch was photographed, but not pretty.  I really enjoyed the leftovers from our blogger get together!

I had some of Heather’s bruschetta
daily eats-1
And Ashley’s quinoa salad.
daily eats-3
In the late afternoon we started getting gussied up for Dan’s coach’s wedding.  It was really nice that the wedding was half a block from our house!

Congrats Sean and Heidi!
daily eats-4
Dan’s teammates clean up nicely :)
Sean and Heidi-58
(Top L-R: Dan, Pete, Tate, Jordan and Amy. Bottom: Cyrus and Matt)
Dinner started with cranberry, walnut salad and a roll.
daily eats-5
We both got the chicken entree and it was delicious.  I skipped the summer squash.  I just hate zucchini.  daily eats-7 The mashed potatoes and chicken was amazing.
daily eats-8
I didn’t get to see the full cake, but the pieces we got were tasty.  daily eats-10 I got a white cake with raspberry filling.
daily eats-13
Dan got chocolate cake with raspberry filling.
daily eats-12
Then the dancing began.  It was a fun night!  When everything ended, we bundled up and walked the two minutes back to our house.  Sweet!
Sean and Heidi-100

Two nights in a row staying out this late really takes a toll!  President’s day will now be spent editing photos and preparing blog posts for the week.

Do you have today off?  If so, how are you spending it?