Pain in the neck

I am the type of girl that can hurt herself sleeping.  A few years ago I had serious neck pain that prevented some of my head motion.  Earlier this week I had a fitful night of sleep and the neck pains are back.  I have been doing my neck exercises and trying to lessen the pain (which is constant).

I didn’t wake up in pain at all last night, and today I have an appointment for a massage (thanks mom!)  I’m hoping by tonight I’ll be back to my old self.  Because of my neck pain I decided to leave my (sort of heavy) camera home on Thursday.  I took quick pictures at home.

Breakfast was a bagel.  It’s my goal this weekend to find some bagel thins.  Any Denver-ites see these around?
daily eats-2
I packed raisins for snacks.  It’s weird, on Thursday, the raisins were enough.  On Wednesday, I could NOT eat enough.  Weird.
daily eats-1
I brought a piece of pork for lunch.  But I didn’t eat it.
daily eats-3
Instead I went to panera with a friend and got a Caesar Salad.  Pretty decent.

I stopped by whole foods for some Annie’s mac n cheese.  I didn’t take any pictures, and have to admit that it wasn’t as delicious as Kraft mac n cheese.  Sorry! I have to be honest :)  I did find that my favorite flowers were pretty cheap, and who am I to miss an opportunity to have pretty flowers in the house.  Love them.

I accompanied the mac n cheese with an artichoke.  Isn’t it funny how fresh food can impact you?  I felt so good after I finished eating the yummy veggie.
daily eats-4
I’m realizing the week has escaped without me running once.  Crap.  I wonder if that’s part of the stress?  We had two goodbye happy hours for my friend Cassidy, and so I got home much later than usual. I know. excuses, excuses.

I am taking a walk with a friend today, but will get back to running tomorrow.

What is the weirdest way that you have hurt yourself?