New face on the scene

One of my In real life friends just started a blog!  Yay!  My friend Liz and I swam together ages ago in college and she wanted to start a healthy living blog(click to go to the blog)  So go over and visit her and give her support!

Yesterday I thought to myself, I’m not eating out at all this week.  This’ll be great.  Then everything changed.  All of my meals were eaten out today.  Oops.  I did try to track the meals.  So, that’s something, right?
daily eats-1
I walked to work this morning and stopped by Panera on the way.  I grabbed a toasted everything bagel and a coffee.

Not a great meal, but you know.  ok.  I went to lunch with a coworker  and the light was pretty decent in the restaurant.  We went to City O’ City in Capitol Hill.  The service was slow and indifferent, but the food was good. 
daily eats-4
Isn’t that pretty?  I’ll prob use some of these pictures again tomorrow when I eat the second half of the sandwich (be proud of me)  of course I did order a side of fries (I know, I know) I didn’t finish them!
daily eats-8
After work was a goodbye happy hour so I didn’t get home until late.  At that point I had little resistance to the one meal in the house. pizza.  I don’t crave pizza like Dan does.  But it was there(Dan had ordered it earlier)…
daily eats-10
Oh well.  I have leftovers of the healthy part of lunch.  I hope it tastes ok.  Now Dan and I are watching the ice dancing finals.  Fingers crossed for Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto!  By the time you read this it will all be decided, I hate not knowing how things turn out.  (I’m totally a find out what happens at the end of the book type of person.)

What is your go to meal when you get home late?