Mind + Body

I’m beginning to realize how connected the mind and body are.  I’ve been getting overly stressed and using that as an excuse not to work out.  In reality, I think the stress is compounded because I haven’t been working out.  Crap.  Realizing this you would think I would have gotten home on Friday and jumped on the treadmill. 
Well, then you would have too high of an opinion of me.  I decided that I was too hungry to workout before dinner and then after dinner I was just cranky.  Instead of working out I watched hours of Olympic Coverage.  Skeleton is really fun to watch! 

I also realized that the other Ice Dancer that I helped get citizenship for 4 years ago is now skating for the Hungarians!  How ungrateful…
Daily Eats-3
Dan made our favorite Salmon recipe for dinner.  Since I was so hungry, I had about twice this amount.
Daily Eats-4
As an additional side Dan made more of TJ’s famous healthy fries.
Daily Eats-7
Unfortunately, a tactical error on our part made it so that most of them burned to a crisp.  Darn it.
Daily Eats-11
Also, I loved all your responses to my post about the service we got at Steuben’s on Thursday.  One of the manager’s contacted me and asked that I contact him next time I visit so that they can show me good service.  It was a nice gesture, but we’ll see.  As Kenz said, there are so many other places to go that I don’t need to go back anywhere less than perfect.  We’ll see.

Do you listen to your body or ignore all the signs for how to treat it?