Mid-week blues?

I did not sleep well Monday night.  That is not a good way to start a week since I spent most of Tuesday in an almost zombie state.  There is too much to do to be a zombie!  Thankfully I was able to perform, but I kind of melted into the couch when I came home.


Hence the short post.


Breakfast was another bagel.  This one from home.  Interesting everything bagel, it was more poppy seeds than usual.

daily eats-1

I also snacked on an orange

daily eats-2

I had leftovers for lunch. 

daily eats-7

It was much prettier on Monday than today.  It tasted OK. (no fries though)

daily eats-9

After lunch I had my dessert of raisins.

daily eats-3

After work Dan made some more Jamie Oliver pork tenderloin.  (a new recipe.  yum!)

daily eats-4

I’m gonna go to bed early.  Time to take care of myself and get the right sleep.


How do you relax after a busy day?  Take a bath? Read a book? I know I should take a walk but I’m choosing sleep…