Just Meh

I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I was starving all week and then full, to the point of feeling ill, all weekend.  Once again on Sunday I only had two meals.

Breakfast was leftover buttermilk pancakes
Lunch was a cup of grapes (unpictured).  I wasn’t hungry by the time the superbowl came around, but Dan and I needed to use up the ingredients for another batch of Caesar salad.  I had a plate and a half full and then I was stuffed.  oh so super stuffed.
Daily and eats-1
Was anyone else disappointed with the lack of good commercials?  The two that I thought were funny (Betty White and casual day) I had already seen on the Today show…We also watched HGTV during the half time show.  Not our scene..

What were your favorite  parts of the superbowl?  On an editorial note, in preparation of Valentines Day, all my recipes are going to be delicious desserts.  So, if you don’t want to see some amazing desserts, don’t come to my blog in the afternoon!  The morning will remain healthy food…