Hard Earned

I have definitely earned this weekend.  And so this post will be short.  Breakfast was quick before an offsite meeting.
daily eats-1
After a really productive meeting I headed to work, where I had a huge meeting and the major cause of my sleepless nights.  It went really well.  And finished really fast.  Then I was able to add in two more meetings before the end of the day.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  I planted myself on the couch and ate a piece of broccoli pizza that Dan left for me.
daily eats-2
No treadmill for Beth.  I tried.  I got dressed and got on, and I couldn’t do it.  And I’m sore today.  At least I walked a mile home from work, so that’s something.  Right?

My exhaustion continues today (hence the late post).  And so I’m thankful for a four day weekend to rest and recover to start again next week!

What are your weekend plans?  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?