Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day bloggers :)  I woke up Saturday morning almost completely refreshed and raring to go!  I had Tivo’d the Olympic Opening Games and decided to finish watching while I ran 3 miles.  Yup, you read it right.  I decided to up my mileage to 3 miles.  Thankfully the first 20 minutes when by before I knew it.  I love watching the parade of nation’s and checking out their outfits.
daily eats-1
(bagel for breakfast)

The last 18 minutes were a little tougher to get through.  I was kinda hoping to stop at 2 miles but charged on through.  It felt good, my muscles were glad to be used again!
daily eats-2
(shrimp and spaghetti for lunch)

The afternoon was slow and I spent a good amount of time making deviled eggs for the CO blogger meet up.  Foodbuzz gave me a coupon for free Eggland’s Best Eggs.  Thought this would be a great time to test them out!
deviled eggs-5
Ashley from The Edible Perspective organized a great get together for all of the bloggers and readers in the area.

Heather, Laura,Lauren, Katie, Ashley, Emily (missing: Kathleen)
CO Blogger Meetup-25

It was so fun meeting bloggers and getting to know each other for real.  Plus there was fantastic food to have!
CO Blogger Meetup-1
CO Blogger Meetup-2
(Home Brew and Bulgur salad from Emily)
I will apologize in advance for my low quality pictures…I’m reminded how much more I need to learn about my camera!   The food was really spectacular, I hope one of the other bloggers did it more justice!
CO Blogger Meetup-3
CO Blogger Meetup-4
(goat cheese and fig bruschetta and tomato, pesto and parmesan bruschetta from Katie)
The best part of a blogger get together, is that you know you’ll be getting all the recipes to try!
CO Blogger Meetup-7
CO Blogger Meetup-8
(Cheese fondue by Laura)
CO Blogger Meetup-9 CO Blogger Meetup-11
(Tomato Bruschetta from Heather)
CO Blogger Meetup-6
CO Blogger Meetup-13
(Quinoa fruit salad and curry hummus from Ashley)
CO Blogger Meetup-12
CO Blogger Meetup-14
Food bloggers at work!
CO Blogger Meetup-22
I missed the dessert from Kathleen, but Ashley also made some hot chocolate.  This was so delicious and thick and creamy.  None of us were able to finish, but it was amazing.
CO Blogger Meetup-16
Heather made us some homemade jelly as party favors.

So fun!  It was great to meet all these ladies, and get together to try out each other’s recipes.  Can’t wait for the next meet up!

We’re being pretty low key for Valentine’s day.  What are you guys doing today?  Do you have tomorrow off?