Gone Fishing

It looks like I’ve decided to take President’s Day off of work and my food blogger duties. Breakfast and lunch might as well as not have happened…And dinner wasn’t worth talking about.


Our laziness kept us from going to the grocery store and having stuff for dinner.  I ordered Chinese food.


Won tons

Daily Eats-1

And Shrimp Fried Rice (since Dan will eat it).

Daily Eats-2

What were we doing instead of food blogging?  Watching the Amazing Race.  We love this show and just got it on netflix.  It’s so fun to watch the teams race and decide which Detour we will choose and who would do which roadblock. 


Dan keeps talking about trying out for the Amazing Race someday, but personally, I think the elimination villa sounds like more fun…But who knows, maybe someday you’ll see us on TV (but I highly doubt it).


If you could be a part of any show (reality or scripted) which one would you want to be on?