go speed racer

You would think that I would know enough now to make sure my camera battery was charged in the morning.  So, no pictures from today’s food!

Breakfast was a Mix 1 and some raisins and clementines.  Lunch was leftover Acorn Squash.  So good the day after!  Plus, the shrimp didn’t smell fishy :)  sweet.
Acorn Squash-8
Dan left me the easy roasted shrimp to cook which conveniently enough took 30 minutes. 
Easy Roasted Shrimp-1
Just enough for me to hop onto the treadmill.  I walked on Monday so I knew I had to run today.  So I did.  I watched Worst Cooks in America.  Fun show, doesn’t need much attention.  One thing I did appreciate, the judging time was SO SHORT!  Most of the episode was focused on the food.  Before I knew it I had run 2 miles in 27 minutes.  I cooled down with a walk for the last three minutes.

If you are keeping track, I used to run at 15 minute miles and today I did 13.5 minute miles.  This feels good.  Although, I don’t think I want to pick up the speed too much soon.  We’ll see.  I’m still loving the treadmill!

Of course, the problem with cooking olive oil, garlic and red pepper while you work out is that you really just want to stop and eat it all RIGHT NOW.  Of course, nothing was cooked so it would have been disgusting.
Easy Roasted Shrimp-2
I finished the 30 minutes and got ready to finish and eat dinner.  This dish is so simple, yet soo delicious.
Easy Roasted Shrimp-7
Don’t tell me what happened on LOST.  I haven’t seen it yet! 

What have you done today that you are proud of?