dbar-dessert bar

Dan and I don’t make many desserts so I will now post a review of dbar a dessert bar in uptown Denver owned by Keegan Gerhard of Food Network fame.

Andrea, Dan and I decided to stop by dbar a few weeks ago after we had a few drinks (isn’t that how all bad decisions are born?)  Despite the calories, this place was delicious.  We each ordered something different and tasted each other’s delights.

Andrea ordered the chocolate cake and vanilla shake
Daily Eats-4_thumb
Wow, was it chocolately!  The vanilla milkshake was a great break from the chocolate.

Dan ordered the molton lava cake thingie that everyone has.(pretty much the actual name)
Daily Eats-2_thumb

This was too much chocolate for me!  It was not enough for Dan, he wished he had had Andrea’s cake.  A definite lesson for next time! 

I ordered the donuts.
These were so yummy!  See that dipping sauce on the end?  I think most of it was gone by the end of our visit. (p.s. these donuts were each smaller than my palm)
We definitely need to go back, and now that they have a dinner menu I think this is a good date place! 

What is your favorite decadent restaurant/bar?