Date Night

Well, sorta.  Dan doesn’t have to swim Wednesday nights so it’s our night to hang out, eat dinner and relax together.  It’s nothing fancy but it’s nice!  Of course, tonight was spent watching more Amazing Race.  I think we’re addicted!  Is there an Amazing Race Anonymous?  I have a terrible memory and so I can rewatch things and they are like new to me!

Breakfast today was some Honey Bunches of oat and all bran bran buds. 
Daily Eats-1
Totally hit the spot, but I was starving around 11am.  I held off on lunch by eating an orange.
Daily Eats-2
And chew gum.  At 12:03 I broke into my leftovers from Monday night.  Shrimp fried rice.  It’s ok.  I think I’m going to try TJ’s recipe since it looks tastier.

My dessert is a quarter cup of raisins.  This totally satisfy my sweet tooth.
Daily Eats-3
I was hangry when I got home.  Booo. Why did the hungry monster come back?  Daily Eats-11 Dan made a protein heavy dinner with chicken with leeks and apples
Daily Eats-7
and a new sausage stuffing recipe.

Daily Eats-23
The sausage stuffing has a lot of potential, it needs to have MUCH less oil, and less greasy sausage… 
Daily Eats-22
Ok back to date night!

What is your favorite weekly tradition?