My funk lasted through Saturday morning.  While Dan was out swimming I decided I needed to get reacquainted with my treadmill.  I did NOT want to run, so I decided to do 2 miles as fast as possible.  And it worked 24:40.  The fastest 2 miles I’ve done in a long time! Yay! 

The lift in my mood was almost immediate.  I need to get smarter in listening to my body! 

I’ve been thinking about peanut butter since having some of Ashley’s pnut butter dough balls.  So I decided to have some Justin’s maple almond butter toast.  The entire packet is like 190 calories.  Too much for me, so I had half.  I also had some of Heather’s strawberry jam.  A perfect combination.  I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, but there is something about the Justin’s that’s so satisfying!
almond butter toast-1
The afternoon was spent organizing and it felt good to get some stuff done.  There is still more to be done today!  It is snowy and cold outside so I don’t mind spending the  time looking at the pretty snow and stay cozy and productive inside!  All of the productivity kept me from taking pictures of my lunch. Oops.

Dinner was amazing though.  Dan made some steak and boy did he make it well.  It’s a recipe from a new cookbook that my friends Jessie and Kit sent us, Jamie’s food revolution.  It’s filled with quick and healthy recipes.  They don’t seem to take too long and have so much flavor. 
Dan charred a jalapeno and a red bell pepper along with the steak.  Yikes.  While the flavors were perfect, the jalapeno overpowered the steak.  We’re actually going to make this again tonight.
Mmm delicious.  After dinner we were both craving something sweet and chocolatey.  Since SOMEONE finished the ice cream a few days ago. ahem, Dan! We didn’t have anything prepared in the house already.  We decided to make something. 
hot chocolate-3
My friend Rachel gave out pure chocolate hearts at her wedding.  These weren’t just any chocolate pieces, they were made from the chocolate that they grow at the boarding home she works in in Bolivia.  The hot chocolate was SO delicious and sweet.  It was also over 400 calories/serving.  Um. really?  I’m going to work on improving (aka slimming down) this recipe.  It did act as the perfect chocolate craving satisfier.  Thanks Rachel and Mateo!
hot chocolate-4
When it’s snowing outside, do you think to venture out and play in it or cozy up inside?