Could it be real?

I think I felt it today.  I’ve heard about it.  I’ve never believed that it was possible.  But here I was in my living room on the treadmill feeling good.  I think I might have felt the runners high.  Maybe?  Don’t get me wrong, I counted down every second of my run.  But I didn’t despise it completely.  That’s something right?  I did 2 miles in 27 minutes and cooled down for the final 3 of my workout.

My tummy still isn’t 100%  you’ll see with my food…For breakfast I had a bagel and cream cheese.  I wasn’t sure if I’d finish the entire thing, but over time I did.
Daily and eats-1
I didn’t get to eat again until late.  I grabbed a grapefruit between some meetings and realized that grapefruit and chapped lips don’t work quite so well.
Daily and eats-2
A few hours later I had a small bag of cheetos (150 calories) because my lunch had actually gone bad…That’s the problem with old leftovers.  Later I munched on my fiber pocket.  Raisins and all bran bran buds.
Daily and eats-3
When I got home I didn’t want to workout, I hadn’t eaten right in days but I sucked it up and got on the treadmill and ran.  Dinner was still cooking so it was good timing to get a workout in.

For dinner Dan made a roast chicken, and while I LOVE roast chicken, it smokes up the entire apartment and really bothers my eyes.  Too bad it’s too cold to keep the door and window open.  It was delicious though, so that makes it all worth it!
Daily and eats-4