Calorie Calculations

Ah, the end of the week is here.  Yay!  For a day that I didn’t think would be too busy, Thursday got really full fast!  One good thing was that the hungry monster seemed to have left me alone.  Sweet! 

Dan thinks it’s because I didn’t work out on Wednesday.  There is a good chance that he’s correct about that one.  But I don’t know what to do really.  I don’t want to eat the calories I burn, but I want to not be hungry and lose weight.  Any advice?  I’ve given up exercising before because it made me gain weight, and the entire time I swam competitively I was overweight.  So, help? Anyone?

Also, Chai told me that running was a great abs workout for her, I need to improve my posture so it can be a good abs workout for me too!

That being said, my mix 1 (a latte and my morning coffee…hmm maybe that IS a lot of calories) held me until 11:30.
Daily Eats-1
I had a lunch meeting and forgot to take pics of the sushi.  I had a 4 piece sushi roll and LOTS of wasabi (and low sodium soy sauce).  Later in the afternoon the munchies kinda came back and I had my snacks.  First up raisins
Daily Eats-2
then more clementines.  All of these were perfect.  Although I’m going to look for satsuma (sp?) as suggested by Ashley.
Daily Eats-4
Then I had more raisins (told you I was addicted!)
Daily Eats-3
I did get a bit hungry by the time I was walking home.  I negotiated with myself that I would only work out for as long as it took for dinner to cook in the oven.  I was thinking that it would only be 10-15 minutes.  I knew I was cheating.  Boy was I wrong.  The darn thing cooked for 50 minutes! 
Daily Eats-6
I wish I could say that I stayed on the treadmill for 50 minutes.  I did stay on for 30.  I also ran 2 miles at 13:25 minute miles.  I walked for part of the two miles because I started cramping.  but I ended up running faster than last time.  However, I think I’ll slow down my pace again to try to run straight for 2 miles again.  And not cramp.
Daily Eats-14
Dinner was our favorite tart.  Potato Leek and Feta Tart
Daily Eats-15
Delicious.  The only problem is that I wanted MORE.  I didn’t need more because a slice is 390 calories.  
Daily Eats-10
Overall, a super tasty day.  It was a really long week so we went to bed early.  What a treat! 

Happy Friday!  Don’t forget to wear Red today!