biscotti revisited

Today marked the return of book club!  So, none of us actually finished the book.  That didn’t mean that we didn’t make awesome food!

I decided that it was time to make up for the biscotti debacle and remake the recipe that ended up on the floor of my parking lot :(  This time I changed some ingredients (semi sweet chocolate instead of white chocolate) and they made it to book club ready to eat!
We had a wide variety of food
Katie made eggs sausage and hash browns
Jamie made some banana crumb cake and Emma brought fruit salad.
There was more that I didn’t have.  YUM!  Great foods :)

Instead of running, I stuck to walking today.  Fast(er) walking I walked 2 miles in 32 minutes and I’m not really sore at all anymore.  yay!  I love my treadmill!

I had some snacks between brunch and dinner, but dinner was amazing.  Dan made another roast chicken this time with sage and oregano.  He was able to carve the chicken into perfect portions.
Isn’t that impressive!  I had a piece of the breast meat and the two wings.  Delicious!  We also made some steamed broccoli but there weren’t pretty.  So no photo!

 What were your favorite food eats of the weekend?