Attack of the hungry…

I am getting back on track with Sparkpeople.  It is so hard to get back into the habit of tracking food!  I’m having a super hungry week just like TJ!  I Hate it!

Morning started out with a Mix 1
Acorn Squash-1
I also had some raisins and clementines.
Acorn Squash-2
Lunch was not photogenic.  Sausages….well.  They don’t photograph well AT ALL.  The last picture I took looked like the giant sandworm from Beetlejuice (anyone remember that movie?)
Dan cooked some more acorn squash today.  This time there was spinach, rice and shrimp in the squash. 
Acorn Squash-8
Delicious.  I had 1 squash bowl, but I definitely want more!
Acorn Squash-18
After dinner I was a snacking machine.  I made airpopped popcorn, tiny toast and raisins.  I need to catch up with my tracking.  It’ll be high.  but it was all real food.

Happy Groundhog Day!