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So Dan and I missed another Snowmageddon in DC.  I always miss the big storms.  I went on a school trip to Toronto in Junior High and we got snowed OUT of the U.S.  We missed the entire storm (but got to stay in toronto an extra day).  I was in Israel during the only snow storm to close down my college in Massachusetts.

And grad school, well.  Some law student sued the University of Michigan when they closed down for snow, so no snow days for me there!  Needless to say, I’m jealous that my old office is already closed for Monday.  It hasn’t snowed since Saturday! Silly DC.

(In case you are wondering it was mid 40s and sunny all day Saturday in Denver).  I woke up to leftover buttermilk pancakes and grapes.
Daily and eats-12
I don’t know what is wrong with me, I was chased by the hungry monster all week and then poof.  Friday night the full monster came to stay.  After my pancakes and grapes (300ish calories) I couldn’t look at food.  SO STUFFED. 
Daily and eats-14
After my workout (2mile walk) I had a little raman at lunch (unpictured).  It was the right thing not too much. Not too little.  I wanted to make sure that I had enough hungry for dinner. 

Dan and I had dinner plans with Christina and Jeremiah to go back to Potager.  Christina is an old friend, we lived on the same floor my freshman year of college and are still friends 12 years later.  How fun!
Daily and eats-10
It’s so nice to have restaurants like this walking distance from our houses! One of the nice things about Potager is that it has a seasonal, local (for the most part) menu that changes every 4-6 weeks.  It’s nice to check it out every once in awhile and see what the chef has come up with. 
Daily and eats-11
(not a great pic of me, but isn’t Dan cute!)

Dan ordered the:

ACORN SQUASH RAVIOLI in a lamb and cannelini bean and vegetable soup with fox fire grass fed lamb meatballs, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil

Daily and eats-2

I decided on the:

SHELLFISH STEW with stonington lobster, mussels and scallops with saffron aioli

Daily and eats-5
Oh so delicious.  I ordered it for the lobster, but the scallops, wow they were the star of the show!

I have to admit that I appreciate that the portion sizes at Potager are “real”  I gave Dan a few bites, but hogged the rest.  YUM.

The four of us decided to order the flourless chocolate cake, caramel sauce and caramel crackers.
Daily and eats-8
Oh so good.  The caramel sauce and ice cream added just the right amount of sweet.  This was a total winner!

Thanks Christina and Jeremiah for a great night!

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