Another quick post

I got home super late tonight so it’s a quick post.

Breakfast was met by a VERY hungry Beth
daily eats-2

See, I couldn’t wait.

I have a ton of snacks today.   Some pictured, some not.  An orange
daily eats-5
and some celery(not pictured) and some raisins
daily eats-4
After work I went out with some coworkers to say goodbye to one of our friends.  BOO!  But we had a good time.
daily eats-6

Even better, I found someone to run with during the day, sweet! Overall it was a great night!  Governor Ritter even came out to hang out with us!ritter-1
I got home super late and so it is time for bed! 

See you tomorrow!

What is your go-to drink when you go out with friends?  I usually have wine, but last night I had gin and tonics