And Breathe…

The stressful week continues.  Although, I realize that I love presentations DURING them.  The meeting today went so well!  I had great compliments and really got to convey what I’ve been working on to my bosses.

The wind up before an event really does freak me out.  Unfortunately one of the two stress inducing events that were scheduled for today was delayed until tomorrow. Boo! 
daily eats-2
(bagel and cream cheese for breakfast)

I do feel better about it all though.  After today went as well as it did, I think tomorrow will be great too! I've had twice as much time to prepare!

Does anyone else get “stage fright”?  Or major anxiety before presentations?  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to get used to it!
daily eats-1
(PB&J for lunch and unpictured 150 calorie pack of doritos)

Dan picked me up from work and took me to Target.  I love target.  We only got two items, go us!  When we got home I was hungry (for the first time since Friday morning).  Yay!  So I decided to have a few hint of lime Tostitos and Pace Picante Sauce that foodbuzz sent me through a tastemaker opportunity.
daily eats-5
I still have some Egglands Best to try out that I got from foodbuzz too.  I’m planning (plotting? Dreaming?) to make some deviled eggs this weekend.  This will be an original creation, I think. yum.  See I told you I found hungry again! I totally went on a paragraph long rant about food I want to make, a few days from now…

Where was I? Oh yeah, snacking on tortilla chips.  I forced myself to get back on the treadmill (totally didn’t want to  I was three minutes in and I accidentally pulled off the safety cord and had to start over again!  Crap!  So I was pissed (at myself) and I pumped the treadmill up a little higher to get done with it sooner.  I ended up finishing the run in 25:40.  My best run to date.  I will admit. No runners high.  I realized I had .3 left and I COULD.NOT.LOOK.  I wanted to stop so bad.  I didn’t.  I finished.
daily eats-11
Dan made his classic pork chop recipe for dinner.  This is one of the first recipes Dan ever made for me.  It is still a crowd pleaser.  well, a Beth pleaser.  yum!  Have I said lately how lucky I am? 

Do you ever just enjoy the classics?  It’s sometimes oh so comforting to eat foods with memories attached.