Working hard for the weekend!

I definitely earned the end of this week!  It was fantastic.  The morning started off working from home before I headed to yet another offsite meeting.  I don’t drive to work since we don’t have parking, so getting to driving distance meetings is a bit of a production.  Plus it reminds me of all the road rage that I have!  Ooops.


Breakfast was different since I was at home.  Some honey bunches of oats

two pieces of cinnamon raisin bread

and some coffee which I took on the road to the meeting.

I was meeting Annissa for lunch and I was really excited about it, we were going to my favorite local french bistro, le central.  Annissa, how’d you let me get away with not getting a picture of you!  I did get pictures of her food.


She ordered the squash soup

and the Caesar's salad.

Her raves for the squash soup were definitely more frequent than those for the salad.  So that’s on my must try list!  I, of course, ordered the mussels.  I really just love them.  This time I got the Italienne that were hot and spicy.


Ohhh boy.  They were so spicy!

The fries were also super delicious.  I definitely finished them! Oops.  Now I definitely need a treadmill at home! Or, you know, I should just go running!

Last night was leftover night so I grabbed the first things I could find.  15 minute potatoes.

and cauliflower risotto.

What a delicious day! I was definitely feeling the salt from the fries though. oops.  Our friend Tina is staying with us this weekend, so you’ll get to read about our adventures tomorrow!


What are your weekend plans?  How are you staying healthy?