What I’ve learned about photography this week

Yesterday was one of my furlough days and I have a to do list that challenges last week.  The more I’m learning about my camera and Light room, the more I know I have to learn more!  I’m getting better though and I feel like I’ve learned a lot this week

  • Tripods are your friends.  I take pictures at night and even though I have daylight lamps I have long shutter delays and can not stand still long enough for non-fuzzy pictures.
(Breakfast was All bran bran buds and a mango)
  1. So is the self-timer.  I have been realizing that with the shutter delays, I was getting a slight fuzz from the pressing of the shutter release button.  I don’t own a remote so I’m improvising with the self-timer.  It takes awhile but the pictures are sharper.
(lunch started with bulgur and bean leftovers)

  1. Aperture is key for food blogging:  My depth of field (the part of the picture that is in focus) was really small before.  In order to make the entire dish in focus, I need an aperture of 20+.  This does mean that the shutter speed is much slower.
(Lunch ended with some leftover goat cheese risotto)

  1. I have so much to learn about post processing.  I’m just starting with light room and have so much to learn.  That’s my main goal for the weekend to be able to make my pictures pop.  I’m shooting exclusively in RAW now and I know that RAW files need a bit more work.
(Dinner was leftover chicken parmesan)
  1.  Spending so much time on my photography/blog keeps me from snacking.  It takes me so long and so much energy to work on this that I haven’t been snacking.  I haven’t eaten wonderfully this week, but I think having so much of my focus on something else keeps me from getting really out of control.
(Yes, that is more Mac n cheese.  Bad Beth)

And so that’s it!  What have you learned this week?