Weigh In Time

I had an appointment with my nutritionist today.  I didn’t realize when I made the appointment, but it has been a year since my first visit.  In the year I have lost about 30 pounds (28 on their scale and 34 on mine) and my blood pressure went from 134/?? (can’t remember, bad memory!) to 109/74.  I feel good.  I feel strong.  I love what/how I am eating.  So, I’m losing weight slowly.  That’s ok. At least I’m losing, right? 


Another funny tidbit is that my nutritionist is actually related to one of the contestants from last season’s The Biggest loser.  Crazy! 


My at work pictures are pretty pitiful.  So blurry!


I went home after my nutritionist appointment to see that Dan cut his finger really badly!  Thank goodness it started healing quickly, but it is so scary!  I hate medical issues


Poor Dan was injured and still worried about dinner being made correctly!  I finished putting the risotto together and got it ready.  This recipe included cauliflower in the base of the recipe and breadcrumbs as the topping.

It was so delicious, and photogenic!

Here’s to a healthier tomorrow!  How are you doing today compared to last year?