Um, yeah.  I apologize in advance for some of the pictures that follow.  We visited a new bar last night.  It was a dessert bar.  So don’t look if you are feeling tempted :)
(sausage and lentils for lunch)

Yesterday morning I went to a meeting to discuss childhood obesity.  Since I was an overweight child (and adult) I feel like I have a different perspective than others.   One thing I noticed in the obesity meeting, was that the participants placed the responsibility solely on the child’s shoulder.  I heard the word “Lazy” used at one point.  There was no indication of any other factors.  About incorrect labeling on food packaging, or lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, streets not being safe to play on.  It was lazy kids eating Twinkies in front of the TV.
(happy hour bruschetta)

In contrast, I later went to a meeting about tobacco cessation.  No one around the table said anything even remotely negative about the population we are targeting.  There is a good understanding that societal factors play into tobacco addictions.
(homemade Chinese chicken for dinner)

Maybe it’s because the fight against obesity is so much newer than that against tobacco.  And that given a few years people will understand the role that food companies have played in the obesity spike, just like the role of tobacco companies is now obvious.
(Caesar’s Salad for dinner.  Can you see the spinach?)

None of this is to say that personal responsibility doesn’t exist.  It does.  We need to make positive and responsible decisions.  However, the deck is stacked against us a little and that should be a part of the discussion.

All that being said I went to the dbar last night!  Andrea and I went to happy hour and then decided we needed something sweet, and there is a dessert bar just down the street.  Dan picked us up and we went for some delicious desserts.  We each ordered something different.  But I’ll write a full review later on this place.  For now I will leave you with a picture of my donuts.
I did give tastes to Dan and Andrea.  But still. Major caloric damage here!
As penance I’m going to run a further distance today.  I’ll report on how far/long I go tomorrow!