Tack Sharp

More photography practice today!  I’ve been playing with my aperture settings and found a great one for my tripod shots.  I also pulled my camera back a few feet and I feel like the images are much sharper!

Breakfast and lunch, however, were taken by hand, in my office.  No fancy settings there!  Breakfast was the same as always.
Lunch was the not so yummy broccoli cauliflower casserole
and the much yummier risotto
I also had a few clementines

I came home to Dan making a yummy dinner which started out with some 15 minute potatoes.DSC_0017
and closer up.  Still sharp.
Both shots were taken at f/22 on a tripod and with a 10 second timer.  Check out how sharp those images are! 

The second course of dinner was pesto bulgur salad with kidney beans.
It was super tangy and fresh.  The Kidney beans add a creamy type of addition.  But not creamy, beany.  It was fresh and satisfying.  
I’m excited that I’m FINALLY learning my camera.  I’m considering taking more classes but I just need to figure out which ones.  I’m also getting some ideas about lenses I want…

Did you do anything you’re proud of today?