Remember when I went to Steuben’s a few weeks ago?  I have attempted to go to this restaurant about three times and each time it has been booked solid!  Apparently the secret to getting in is to make a reservation. Duh. Steuben’s has upscale classic diner foods and a kitschy atmosphere. 

I couldn’t find anything particularly healthy on the menu, but I found a lot of extremely tasty dishes!  I ended up with the Shrimp Po’Boy since I was craving seafood.  I know I eat a lot of shrimp, but I really like it!
The po’boy came with coleslaw which was just ok.  I don’t need to get it again.
It also has a side of some kind of Creole sauce but I didn’t like it very much.  The Po’Boy alone was delicious!
A couple of girls ordered a side of French fries.  Who am I to resist fries.  oops.
Other yummy options were Mac n cheese, pulled pork sandwich, BLT, spicy linguini and so much more.  I don’t think I should go back, far too many calories for me to repeat very often.

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