This morning I was going through my blogs and stumbled across this amazing video on We Are The Real Deal.  Check it out, it may be 17 minutes long, but it is really powerful.  I  have been overweight since I was 7, and for the most part I was the only fat girl around.  It was lonely.   I’m wondering if having so many other overweight kids makes it easier or harder to be overweight now as opposed to when I was growing up.


It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I discovered that I had PCOS and that PCOS leads to insulin resistance and that plays a major factor in weight gain.  I’m not saying personal responsibility doesn’t play any part, just that there are a lot of factors out there.


What do you think?


This weekend is going by way too fast!  Our houseguest Tina had to leave super early to get to her training so Dan and I were on our own for the day.  We started the morning making pancakes.  Not just any pancakes…My family’s famous Buttermilk pancakes.  Dan is such a trooper and made the batter super fast.  Next thing I knew there were pancakes for me to photograph.

All of you Powell’s that are reading this probably see what’s the problem right away, I was wondering if they were flat because of the altitude? Or because Dan didn’t want to make them in the silver dollar size?

I found out too late what was going on….HE SMUSHED THEM!  I went into the kitchen for the last batch to see him smush down on the pancake with the spatula.  OH NO!  I stopped him in time to save two of the pancakes.

Aren’t they so pretty, light and airy?  Next time we won’t be smushing them!


The pancakes held us over for a good long time and for lunch Dan and I decided to walk to Einstein’s for some bagel centric lunches.  I ordered a garlic cheese pizza bagel with a Caesar's side salad.

I gave half of the bagel to dan and threw away most of the salad.  It tasted more like ranch than Caesar’s ick.


We decided to order in since Tina can’t get Thai food in the Mountains and we don’t know of any good sit down places but I’ve had decent luck with take out.  Of course I ordered Pad Thai.  What can I say I just love this stuff!

Then we spent the night chatting and catching up.  It’s really nice to be able to have friends around that you can just talk for hours without even noticing.  Thanks for coming Tina!