Running slow…

Dan and I went for a run together today!  Well, Dan walked and I ran.  It was a wee bit embarrassing that I was decked out in my running clothes, running out of breath and very red faced and that I was next to Dan who was in his khaki's and walking.  All that aside, it was really nice to go out and exercise with Dan.  We’ve never done that before :)  All in all we did about 2.3 miles and I’m not sure about the pace since my runner app was a little off. (it said my avg speed was 6,437mph.  Um oops?  Either way, it was a great run and fun to run around my neighborhood with Dan!.

Breakfast was leftover buttermilk pancakes.  Yum, still good the next day.
I had leftovers for lunch, specifically Tina’s leftover peanut curry.  For some reason she didn’t want to have this sit in her car all day.  I wonder why?
Dinner was another real simple recipe.  We had leftover ravioli in the freezer and our spinach was going to expire so Dan made the ravioli spinach and bacon recipe.
Holy Yum!
I love cooked spinach in a way that fresh spinach will never be able to compare.
Yet another successful weekend.  I wasn’t as productive as I had hoped, but for a short weekend I feel like I have gotten a lot done.  Two runs, lots of photos edited, blogs written and blogs read. 

Did you have a productive weekend or a lazy weekend?