running results

Yesterday we put together my treadmill and today I used it.  How’s that for commitment.  Well, a one day commitment at least!  I’m going to do an every other day running schedule (other days walking).  It felt good, really good.  I still feel bad about how much space the treadmill takes up, but I think it will be fantastic.

Before I get to my food, I want to remind you all about the bakesale for Haiti that The ChicLife is putting together.  Go to her site and bid on the tastiest looking item!  We're making brown sugar chocolate cookies.  They taste SOOOOooo good.  Dan's brother's girlfriend made them over Christmas and they were definitely craveworthy.  So go, bid early and bid often!

Food was once again a Mix 1
I also had some raisins.  These are the best dessert ever.
I brought lunch, but when one of my friends suggested we go out somewhere healthy.  Who am I to say no?  We went to Green Fine Salad Co. and I got a Caesar’s Salad.  I’ve been craving it since Dan made it and nothing seems to compare.
This had the lovely addition of shrimp, but the croutons had an odd spice and took away from the whole experience.
I came home and immediately hopped on the treadmill.  I didn’t get off, even when my friend Melissa called.  Talk about dedication :)

Dan had made another Jamie Oliver recipe.  This one was Sage Pork chops without the sage.  The pork chops were cooked within an inch of their life.  No offense to Dan, he knew he was over cooking them…
The potatoes and bacon were amazing.  I know that this recipe would be awesome if cooked correctly!
After dinner Dan and I chilled and watched The Biggest Loser, is it just me or is Melissa annoying?  She’s too smug!  Which team are you rooting for?