Running Fool

I love three day weekends.  Saturday rolled around and Dan and I both thought it was Sunday, but yay! we had another day to enjoy!
The best thing about not having my sisters around when I made these pancakes is that we had leftovers!
Growing up, these pancakes were a treat whenever we visited our Dad.  We took advantage of the occasion by eating as many as we could possibly enjoy.  Our stepsisters never quite understood our obsession.   I’m pretty sure my cousins do though! (This was originally my great grandmother’s recipe)
I promise to share this recipe soon!  We’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately and so I have a backlog of recipes to post.

Once again breakfast held me over for awhile.  I got onto my treadmill planning to walk for a half an hour and for some reason I decided to run a bit.  I still walked.  But I ran for quite a bit and I ended up doing 2.2 miles in the 30 minutes.  It felt good and once again I was SORE.
I wanted carbs/protein for lunch and so I had another leftover chinese chicken thigh and some ramen (just the noodles, not the salt packet that accompanies it).
Dan continued to use up our chicken thighs by making Mediterranean chicken and polenta (homemade polenta!  He’s the best)
It did not photograph that beautifully.  Oh well.  It was delicious!
Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have Dan?  He makes such fantastic meals!