Rewind button

Do you have moments that you wish you could rewind?  Just a second or two?  One of those moments happened to me Friday night.  We had arrived at Rachel’s rehearsal a few minutes late, but I got out my camera to capture some cute moments.  I lost track of time and next thing I knew I was called to duty.  I put my lens cap back on my camera, but did not put the camera into my purse.  I figured it would be ok. 
(lunch was panera broccoli and cheddar soup and a whole grain baguette)
I went through the entire rehearsal and caught up with Dan, my purse, my camera and my coat in the foyer. 
(Rachel and Mateo)
I grabbed it all and continued chatting with my friends.  The next thing I knew my left contact slid out of my eye.  (I bought generic America’s Best contacts…I’m rethinking the decision).
(baby Adelaide!)
Dan found it in my eye but I needed to grab it and pull it back.  I went to hand Dan my stuff and the camera hand off did not go as plan and the next thing I knew I heard a pop from my camera and lens hitting the ground and bouncing in opposite directions. Instinctively I screamed, dropped everything else and went after my baby.  I tried to put it back together and it wouldn’t go.  I had lost a teeny tiny piece that was integral in the functioning of the lens.
(Melissa and Adelaide playing)
Thank goodness Rachel had no idea what had happened and the rest of the night went on without any hitch. 
(playing with the boys)
At first I was worried that my camera was lost and gone forever.  I was worried that it would cost the same amount to fix it as it was worth.  Thank goodness Dan called (where I purchased it) and secured a replacement that would arrive at my house on Monday!  Two Days Later!  All I had to do was send my camera back.  And that is what we did.  I came home today and was greeted with my new camera!
(Adelaide and her Daddy Kit)
I had no idea that Amazon’s return policy was so good!  I have to highly recommend Amazon to anyone looking to make a big purchase!
(me, Melissa, Adelaide, Jessie)
The last photos I took before the big camera debacle of 2009 were of my friend Jessie’s baby Adelaide..
(look-she’s talking to us!)