This has been an extremely busy weekend!  There is so much that we needed to do because we were gone for so long.  My to do list looked like this:
  • Go to photo composition class
  • Go to recycling center
  • return Old Navy clothes that didn’t fit (boo-but in my defense, one of the items that they sent me was a baby onesie-not exactly the tank top I ordered!)
  • Go through magazines for recipes
  • Order Adobe Light room
  • Order photography books
  • Order GRE books (for Dan)
  • Prepare recipe posts for the week
  • update Recipes/reviews pages
  • Update blog
  • Buy cookbook holder from crate and barrel
  • Buy headset for Droid
  • Exercise!
  • Track Food again on sparkpeople
  • Organize photos
  • Put away Christmas Tree

So, I got a lot done on Saturday.  Yay!  The day started with an unmeasured bowl of Just Bunches.  Which were followed by an (Unphotographed) serving of toaster pastries.
Lunch was also not photographed because I ate it during my photo composition class.  I have been taking classes through the Digital Photo Academy.  The photoshop class was amazing and taught me a lot.  The composition class was OK.  Nothing I hadn’t learned before and the teacher had us take pictures but didn’t critique them.  You get what you pay for.  This was a 2 hour $35 class.  Oh well.  This is my fave pic from the class. (note: we did not drink the wine, it was a prop)
Then I had a major camera fail.  Dan made this amazing Pork Tenderloin recipe.  I carefully put the plate together and turned on the day light lamps and got to work.  I didn’t realize that anything was wrong until I saw the files uploading from my eye fi.  They were black.  I uploaded them into Light room hoping to salvage one but alas, it was not to be.  30-40 shots completely lost.
This convinced me that I have to master the manual settings on my camera.  I didn’t even notice that I had shutter speed priority set on 1/2500 setting. (I was playing around with it in my photo class).  Crap.  The pictures are so unsalvageable that I won’t even try to show them here.

I guess I should add “Dedicate time to working out shutter speed/aperture”  to my to do list!

What were you doing this weekend?  Did you get through your to do list?