(Just a quick note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!)
ok back to the regularly scheduled programming

Yesterday started with a bang when at 7:30am the lights all flickered and poof went off.  I’ve seen this before and thought it would be 15 or 20 minutes…two hours later we were still sitting around in the dark.  No computers, no phones, not enough water to flush the toilets!  Turns out 2800 customers in downtown Denver had lost power.  Finally they let us go home for a few hours while they sorted out the situation.  It’s amazing how much we depend on electricity! 

My eating and drinking was all thrown off because of the lack of power.  I managed to grab some pictures before the lights went off.  I didn’t get to eat until after the lights went out.  I started with some all bran bran buds, just bunches and just pineapple.
I had brought some clementines but only had one.
When I got home I was (once again) craving some mac n cheese.  So I made part of a box. mmmm. tasty.
I made a quick trip to target after my meeting and I did not come back with a bag full of crap food!  Go me!

Dan had dinner made for me.  We have TONS of chicken breasts in our freezer but sick of eating chicken breasts.  One recipe we are ok with is chicken parmesan from Cooking Light.
Cheese makes anything better ;) 
I am now starting my 4 day weekend!  Yay!  It stinks to have unpaid leave, but it’s awesome to have a long weekend! 

One of my tasks for this weekend is to organize my photography supplies.  Does anyone have a good system that they want to share with me?