Old Friends

Oh boy, where did I leave off?  Our last day in Maryland was Wednesday and we were lucky enough for our trip to coincide with one of our friends’ birthdays.  yay! 


The day started off slow with a cup of Starbucks Via coffee (this was Dan’s brother David’s graduation mug)011 and a bowl of cereal.


For lunch Dan and I went to Cosi.  I miss this place!  My friend Debbie and I would always go after our trips to WW and each get a sandwich and split a brownie sundae.  Maybe that was part of why WW didn’t work for me?


I got my usual TBM (tomato, basil, mozzarella) melt.  I noticed that something has changed since I couldn’t finish it.  Dan was more than willing to step up to the plate and finish it off.


For dinner we went down to Friendship Heights to have dinner at Maggiano’s


It was great to see old friends that live all over the world.  unfortunately no pictures turned out!  Boooo.  These were the best pictures.  As you can see, I have a LOT to learn about restaurant photography!

025028 031

We split fried zucchini.  I only had half a piece.  I hate zucchini but love fried zucchini.  It reminds me of when my friends Aleah and Audrey and I would go to Eat n Park. and get fried zucchini.  Fun times.


Dan and I shared a full version of garlic shrimp linguini.


It was really huge, which was perfect.  Dan ate 3/4?  or 2/3?  The crushed tomatoes were delicious!


mmmm.  Of course we were too full to enjoy any dessert.  But dinner was amazing.