oh happy day

Is this week over yet?  I swear, it may be a short week but it feels like it is taking forever!  It could have been in part, because I was looking forward to happy hour with Andrea! We may work 20 feet apart but I don’t feel like we’ve caught up in ages.  I also have to apologize in advance for the terrible pictures that I took today. 


Breakfast was the scones again.  Yum!  They have just a hint of citrus and it is so tasty!

Lunch was smelly again and I apologized to everyone around me!

The shepherd’s pie was not smelly and was super tasty.

Then we were off to Caveau for wine and appetizers!

Hi Andrea!

I had a tasty pinot noir called momo.  yum!

We split the blue cheese ravioli.  They were pretty OK.  Not AMAZING

We also split two servings of the bruschetta sampler. Left to Right Brie, tomato and basil grilled cheese, olive bread with pear and cheese, gorgonzolo with honey, traditional bruschetta. 


I came home and had half of a serving of the tamale pie that Dan made for us.  What a tasty food day!

Now I’m pooped.  Sleepy time for Beth!!  This time tomorrow it is the weekend! Woohoo!