Oh Baby!

January 27th was kinda a big day for two of my friends, they both had babies!  This is the second time that two friends had a baby within the same day.  Congrats Jen and Gillian!  So many babies!  Congrats guys!

Day 2 of treadmill ownership went well.  I walked for 32 minutes and did 2 miles.  It’s official the difference between my walk and run is 1 min/mile.  Told you I run slow!  But hey, I walk fast :)

Breakfast was quick and at home.  It started with two pieces of toast
and one Mango Mix 1
Lunch was leftover shepherd’s pie
I had some unpictured raisins.  Dan didn’t have to swim today so we made dinner together.  We collaborated on some Caesar's salad.  We didn’t have enough romaine so we added some spinach.   It was still delicious.
Our main dish was lentils with homemade salsa and chicken sausage.
Dan is apparently still sick of lentils, but I loved this dinner.  Delicious! He even made homemade salsa!