New Years Eve

Bright and early the morning after our trip to Maggiano’s we headed on our way west to Indiana.  Dan’s brother braved the heavy snow fall to drop us off at the airport.  We saw a few scary accidents but made it in one piece.

Once we got to the airport Dan and I went to his favorite restaurant, the Silver Diner.  I was really surprised when he skipped his signature milk shake.  I was even more surprised when the guy at the table next to us got one (it was 6am!) 

I went more traditional and got the buttermilk pancakes and eggs.  I have to admit that I have no idea how to order eggs.  They never come out like I like them.  How do you order your eggs?  This time I said sunny side up.  They were ok but too runny.  Better luck next time!(p.s. I shared the bacon with Dan and gave him one of the pancakes)
We arrived in Chicago a little late, but still too early for lunch so we got on the road for the 2 hour drive to Indiana.  We stopped at a rest stop on the way and unfortunately all they had was McDonalds.  Ick.  I went for the snack wraps thinking they’d have vegetables and be lower calorie.  I should have checked the Droid Calorie Counter App first.  340 calories for EACH.  They were so teeny.  I ate one and threw away the second.  I am feeling less bad about throwing away bad for me food.

We rested a bit when we got to the hotel and then got ready for the New Years Eve party that Rachel’s (the bride) parents were throwing.  Rachel and I lived together for three years in college. Before heading out we ventured to subway to finally get some vegetables (sorta) in for the day.
I also had some sun chips.  I didn’t finish either.  The bread was too much for me.
We arrived at the party and got to spend a little casual time with the bride and groom(Rachel and Mateo). 
Melissa, Roger, Dan and I got to spend some great quality time catching up!  I don’t think I’ve had quality time with Melissa since my bridal shower!  Rachel’s exchange student Francesco was in town too!  We keep running into each other when I’m visiting Rach.  So much fun.
(l-r Francesco, Rachel, Roger, Melissa, me)
(l-r Mateo, Rachel, Roger, Melissa, Francesco, Dan)

Dan and I weren’t all that hungry after dinner so we grazed a bit on chips and crackers.
We then started a mean game of Mexican Train.  Rachel’s sisters Sarah(left) and Julia (middle) taught us how to play by their rules. 
I lost.  Badly.  It was my protest to their rules:)  The way my family plays is better!  They finally ended the game and put me out of my misery.  Then it was dessert time!  I couldn’t resist a cookie…
Or homemade caramels(I had two or three…oops)
I also was required to try Francesco’s tiramisu.  yum!
And to be healthy we added some fruit to our plate.
Since Dan and I woke up at 5:30 that morning we turned into pumpkins right after the stroke of midnight.  It was so great to get a chance to spend time with the Rachel’s family before the crazy-ness of the next few days!

How did you spend New Years Eve?  Happy 2010!