Mobile Uploads

While my camera was out of commission I still took the time to take pictures of all my food, I just don’t think they turned out so well.


The first meal I photographed was the rehearsal dinner.  They served lasagna (I ate half a piece) and garlic bread.

2010-01-01 19.23.56


2010-01-01 19.24.18

and pudding cake.

2010-01-01 19.24.08

The next morning I had a small breakfast at the hotel, a biscuit and a yogurt.  After breakfast we headed to the hair salon to begin the beautifying.  We spent the morning hanging out and getting our hair and nails done.  It was a great time to get to chat with Rachel and everyone.

2010-01-02 08.36.21

We all went over to the church and had some subway(not pictured).  It was really relaxed and nice to get to sit around before the getting dressed portion of the day started.


Then we were off getting dressed, doing make up and starting some of the pictures.  The wedding was beautiful and went by so fast.  The next thing I knew we were headed out into the cold night on our way to the reception.  Since we were table #1 we ate first and had some salad

2010-01-02 18.46.50

followed by some beef, red potatoes, a roll and vegetables.

2010-01-02 18.47.11

I snapped some not successful pictures of the wedding reception.  Apparently it is a bolivian tradition to feed each other the cake wearing blindfolds.  I didn’t see what actually happened and if he smashed it or not.  I’ll have to ask after the honeymoon!

2010-01-02 20.08.19

Of course I had a piece (and a half) of cake.  This layer was raspberry swirl.  The unpictured piece was yellow cake.2010-01-02 20.14.10

I think we can all safely say that my droid’s camera is not awesome.  Oh well.  I’m sad I didn’t have my camera, I can’t wait to see the pictures Jessie and Melissa shot!