Licking your plate clean

I’m glad I’m not the only one that is having issues getting back in the habit.   I was wondering what was wrong with me!  I’m doing some updates to the blog  and as part of that I updated my progress link (now under About).  I lost about 35 pounds in 2009.  Not too shabby!  Especially since I did this eating amazing food.  Speaking of which, check out my new Recipes page, the old one was boring and too long so I switched things up a bit!

Today was OK for a Monday.  I did manage to track my breakfast and lunch in sparkpeople.  It all fell apart when I got home.  I’m getting there!

Breakfast was a combo of all bran bran buds, just bunches and blackberries.  The blackberries were super tart today.  I missed the milk!
I brought lunch with me but decided not to turn down a lunch offer and headed to Panera.  It was too warm today to get soup (over 50 degrees!)  So I went after the kids grilled cheese.  Yum!DSC_0070
I did go after my snacks in the afternoon.  I’ll blame the monday slump.  I had four clementines.
A bag of lays potato chips
and a piece of white chocolate.
I brought my lunch home to eat for dinner.  It was the pork and apple leftovers from Saturday night.  I’m glad I waited to eat this at home since I may or may not have licked every last drop from the plate.  Gosh this was a tasty dish!
That was when the snack monster attacked.  Of course none of the snacks were photographed.  I had more lays, and some cupcakes.  Oh well.

When was the last time you licked your plate clean?