Lazy Day…

Today Dan and I took a break from our productivity.  We spent a great portion of the day catching up on Dollhouse.  And by a great portion of the day, I mean all of it.  Oops.  Lazy days always seem like a good idea, and then I start getting restless and feeling like I wasted the whole day. 

To make up for the slow day, I was uber productive once Dan left for work.  I had tons of recipes written up and ready to post.  I have edited a lot of pictures that I’ve been meaning to edit.  I even threw in a strength workout.  Go me!

Breakfast was oatmeal and blackberries and, of course, coffee.  I drink coffee daily (1 mug) but barely ever photograph it.  I thought I’d show it to you today.

I had some more mac n cheese for lunch.  CRAP.  I am NOT allowed to have this in the house.  At least I had the spiral version that is only 290 calories per serving.
Dinner was our cauliflower and gnocchi recipe.  I’ve been craving this since last week.  Dan added more sage.  The cauliflower still tasted like French fries.  Love this.
How was your day?  Slow? busy?