I’m living in a gym…

I believe a true test of a relationship is manual labor, specifically moving or putting furniture together.  I ended up ordering a treadmill (NordicTrak A2250 Pro).  It finally came today!  I was so excited to come home and test it out.  Well, of course it came disassembled and so Dan and I set to work putting it together.  It was a frustrating process.  We both got frustrated with bolts not working right and other difficulties (OMG it is so heavy!) But we got it together without a single terse word or frustrated utterance.  That’s what I love about Dan.  He’ll get frustrated by a thing.  A bolt or something and be frustrated, but he will never take it out on me.

We succeeded in getting it all together and it came as a “space saver” treadmill.  Now, I have to admit that I ordered this online without checking it out in person.  The thing doesn’t save much space.  Darn it!  It’s too onerous to really move around a lot too.  For most people this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but it is for us for two reasons.

1) we live in an 800ish sqft apt. 1 bedroom and one “great room”  it takes up a big portion of the “great room”


2) for years I would get on Dan’s case for leaving his bike set up in the living room and making our home feel like a gym.  He’s been fantastic at putting his bike away immediately.

Now I feel like, to be fair, Dan should have a space to keep his bike up.  This takes away even MORE living room.  What we do for love.  Now more than ever I want to have a 2 bedroom apartment, but neither of us are looking forward to moving the treadmill!


Do you sacrifice space/design aesthetic for fitness? How do you compromise with the people you live with?


Breakfast today was an old favorite, a mix 1

lunch was a piece of pork

some raisins

and a piece of chocolate.

We didn’t have time to make dinner because of the treadmill so I made some peas and mac n cheese.  I love this combination.  I must have the palate of an 8 year old!

Well, I should pop back on my treadmill and make it worth it.