I fit!

Inspired by my doctor’s appointment yesterday, today I tracked (and measured!!) my food.  I didn’t do too badly, and sparkpeople now thinks I should be eating 1700 calories/day.  Um….I disagree.  But that is a deal for another day.

This morning started off with breakfast at home since I was headed to an early offsite meeting.  This picture is terrible, but I was kinda busy with other things so I did it, and turned on the flash. Booo!  I had two citrus scones and some raisins.
The offsite meeting had to do with obesity reduction and the availability of grocery stores.  Having lived in the inner city, I can attest to the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are not readily available in many communities.  It was terrible to see the produce section with pitiful bruised old sorry excuses for food.  I mean seriously, I wouldn’t even consider buying any of it.  So, all in all an interesting meeting. 

Also at the meeting, I ran into an old friend that I haven’t seen in ages too!  I rarely bump into people by accident so it’s great when I do.  But really I’m mentioning the meeting because of the internal battle that was waged in my head before going in.  I saw that the meeting was in an auditorium, with the fake desk type seats.  I worried for a second if I should attempt to sit in one of them next to my friend or sit in the back.  I sucked it up and went and sat down in the seats and what do you know, I fit!  There was no leaning as far to the right as possible to avoid touching, there was no mandatory leg crossing.  Oh it felt good to not have to think about it and to be able to focus on the meeting.  Yay!  (and don’t be a spoilsport and tell me seats are getting wider-I know they are, but I’m going to celebrate everything!)

I didn’t photograph lunch, but I had some more shepherd’s pie
and some bulgur pesto and beans.  Boy was this dish garlicky today! I felt bad for my neighbors :) Sorry guys!
Dinner was a wee bit of an issue.  Dan and I had arranged things so I’d come home and put the marinate on the pork tenderloin and then take it out when it was ready.  Well, I got stuck at work and got home 40 minutes late to hear the buzzer going off.  I totally missed the marinating time and it had overcooked!  I immediately pulled it out of the oven and tossed the marinade on top.  The Naked Chef pulled through and the dish was amazing, even overcooked!
I can’t wait to share this one with you! 

Tell me what your recent non-scale victory has been?  Sometimes the NSVs are better than the scale victories!