I am back! sorta…

It’s always hard to go away and break a rhythm.  I eased my way back into healthy eating but didn’t get back to my basics.  I didn’t really work out, I didn’t track my food and I didn’t ensure that I had enough fiber/protein…Saturday came and went without any of the healthy rules incorporated.

By the time Sunday came around I needed to get back to basics.  I started the morning with three clementines.  These are the best snackie item. I think I had six or nine of these throughout the day.
I wasn’t all that hungry, but eventually made a bowl of
  • 2% milk
  • half a serving of just bunches
  • a serving of all bran bran buds
  • a handful of blackberries
MMM delicious.  I know my body likes to be treated well.  I can tell the difference between real food and processed food.  I need to keep the crap to a minimum.  And since I said that you know the rest of my meals were crap.  Well not all of them but most. 
Before lunch I set off on a run around the neighborhood.  It’s interesting how everyone that sees me thinks I’m going for a walk, not a run.  Is it because I’m fat?  Or how I dress? (not in technical material, just cotton) Or what?  It doesn’t really bother me too much. Just a curious thing I’ve noticed.

I came back pretty hungry and knew exactly what I was going to make myself.  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (yes, I’m aware this is pure processed crap)  I’ve been craving it and it was on super sale at Target.
It totally fulfilled my craving.  I didn’t need to snack again until dinner time.  Dinner was late-ish so I snacked on a few whole grain tortilla chips and Pace Picante Sauce. (disclaimer: I received the picante sauce from food buzz to review on my blog)  Of course, I forgot to take a picture because I was so busy fixing up the blog.

Dinner was half amazing and half not.  First with the not.  Dan is being such a trooper and finding new recipes for me to post on here.  He came across this broccoli and cauliflower casserole that at first glance sounded really good.  Then we realized what the ingredients were.  Cream of Mushroom Soup and Kraft singles cheese.  We were both hesitant to try it but powered on for the sake of the blog.
It was ok.  I think we might have enjoyed it more had we not known what was in it.

The second half of dinner was awesome.  Gnocchi and roasted cauliflower.  Delicious!  Dan kept saying how the cauliflower tasted like french fries.  I would definitely have to agree with him.
We will be making this one again!  The sage leaves were just amazing.  yum.  Not a perfect day, but I exercised and I started measuring my food again.  Tomorrow I will track in sparkpeople!

Does it take you awhile to get back into the rhythm?