Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, I know you won’t read this until Saturday, but know I’m thinking of you!

I always think that getting back into the recipe rhythm takes awhile.  It’s kind of a slow transition from eating high calorie food to eating good food.  For Dan it is a transition back up to 6,000 plus calories!  In good news, the scale on Thursday dropped another pound!  yay!

The food yesterday was OK and just a little bit boring.  Breakfast was the same.  A blueberry bagel and cream cheese.
Lunch was a PB&J but I don’t think it is pretty enough to photog.  I also had a few Clementine's. 
I had a meeting all afternoon and made a rookie mistake.  I went to target on an empty stomach.  I left with tortilla chips, chocolate and chex mix.  I had some of the chex mix and by the time I got home I didn’t even want to look at the tortilla chips.  I put it all away in the cupboard.  I remember a time (not too long ago) that I’d look at treats with the full knowledge that I’d eat the entire bag.  I would multiply the calories (or carbs) by the number of servings in the bag.   I am very proud of myself for not consuming it all! Go me!(not pictured)

When I got home I was distracted by some home maintenance and getting the dinner ready.  Dan prepared another roast chicken.  The chicken came out pretty well and I felt confident about the carving. 
Our cooking class in December taught us how to carve.  I should have taken better notes.  I didn’t carve.  I butchered.
Ooops.  It was still tasty though!  I was craving dark meat tonight.  It was yummy.
Accompanying the chicken Dan made brown sugar glazed carrots. 
For dessert I had a few cupcakes.
This five day week is almost OVER!  It’s totally cruel to make us have a five day work week after a vacation.  And once again Yay for me for not eating all the treats I bought!

What are you proud of?