Friday, lovely Friday!

5 day weeks are cruel and unusual!  Even worse, my Friday was packed with meetings and appointments.  Boo. 

The morning started with the last bagel.  I know this isn’t a habit I should get into, but I enjoyed the daily bagel this week!
I also brought some clementines to snack on.  I love these as a snack.  They take awhile to open, don’t pack many calories (20-30ish) and they are sweet.  Dan finds them to be “not worth it” for all of those reasons.  More for me this way!
Lunch was leftover chicken from the night before.  I know I said that I was sick of chicken breasts, but is it just me or do they taste different when they come from a whole roast chicken?
I also had some white chocolate coconut for dessert.
The real story of the day was not photographed.  A cinnamon roll and chex mix.  I thought I’d bring the chex mix to work so it wouldn’t be at home tempting me.  Why! Oh Why! Did I think it was a good idea?  At least there won’t be chex mix tempting me this weekend.  I did have a single serve pack of Lay’s that I did photograph.
After work I stopped by Barnes and Nobles to use the gift cards Dan’s parents gave us for Christmas.  I also had a few hours to kill before we were meeting our friends Amy and Jordan for dinner.
Dan had given me his wish list, but I totally struck out.  I did find out that Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) has an Italian cookbook.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in stock.
I then went downstairs to look through the photo geek books.  I get a bit nervous before buying these types of books.  What if I get the wrong one?  I had picked out my books (Close up and Macro photography and Adobe Lightroom 2 instruction book) and on a whim decided to use my new shop savy app on my Droid.  All the books were much cheaper online and had free shipping!  I asked the store clerk if they’d match their online prices and they said no.  So, I ordered them all on a great discount online.  Sweet.

I did buy one book at the store.  It was half price and was the same price online.  Have any of you read “Born Round” by Frank Bruni?  He’s a food addict that took on the job of being a restaurant critic for the NY Times.  So far it’s a great read.

We went to a new restaurant (for us) D’Corazon, a Mexican restaurant in LoDo Denver.  It’s fun to walk to restaurants.  I had called to make a reservation Thursday and was told that I don’t need one but when I got there it was packed!  I found my way to the bar and met some nice people and sampled the house margarita(s).
Amy, Jordan and Dan showed up right after we got a table and got ready to order food.  Amy recommended the fajita, but my favorite food is tamales so I ordered the tamale plate.  I need to remember that I like my old roomates tamales, not restaurant tamales.  It was covered in so much stuff.  I ate maybe half before I was uber full.
The fajita was delicious though (I stole a bite of dan’s).  We are going to Mexico in just more than a month.  Yay!  I’m so excited for 5 days of sitting by the beach(under an umbrella) and drinking margaritas.

Where is your next trip going to be?  Do you relax on vacation or adventure?

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