Friday, lovely Friday!

5 day weeks are cruel and unusual!  Even worse, my Friday was packed with meetings and appointments.  Boo. 

The morning started with the last bagel.  I know this isn’t a habit I should get into, but I enjoyed the daily bagel this week!
I also brought some clementines to snack on.  I love these as a snack.  They take awhile to open, don’t pack many calories (20-30ish) and they are sweet.  Dan finds them to be “not worth it” for all of those reasons.  More for me this way!
Lunch was leftover chicken from the night before.  I know I said that I was sick of chicken breasts, but is it just me or do they taste different when they come from a whole roast chicken?
I also had some white chocolate coconut for dessert.
The real story of the day was not photographed.  A cinnamon roll and chex mix.  I thought I’d bring the chex mix to work so it wouldn’t be at home tempting me.  Why! Oh Why! Did I think it was a good idea?  At least there won’t be chex mix tempting me this weekend.  I did have a single serve pack of Lay’s that I did photograph.
After work I stopped by Barnes and Nobles to use the gift cards Dan’s parents gave us for Christmas.  I also had a few hours to kill before we were meeting our friends Amy and Jordan for dinner.
Dan had given me his wish list, but I totally struck out.  I did find out that Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) has an Italian cookbook.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in stock.
I then went downstairs to look through the photo geek books.  I get a bit nervous before buying these types of books.  What if I get the wrong one?  I had picked out my books (Close up and Macro photography and Adobe Lightroom 2 instruction book) and on a whim decided to use my new shop savy app on my Droid.  All the books were much cheaper online and had free shipping!  I asked the store clerk if they’d match their online prices and they said no.  So, I ordered them all on a great discount online.  Sweet.

I did buy one book at the store.  It was half price and was the same price online.  Have any of you read “Born Round” by Frank Bruni?  He’s a food addict that took on the job of being a restaurant critic for the NY Times.  So far it’s a great read.

We went to a new restaurant (for us) D’Corazon, a Mexican restaurant in LoDo Denver.  It’s fun to walk to restaurants.  I had called to make a reservation Thursday and was told that I don’t need one but when I got there it was packed!  I found my way to the bar and met some nice people and sampled the house margarita(s).
Amy, Jordan and Dan showed up right after we got a table and got ready to order food.  Amy recommended the fajita, but my favorite food is tamales so I ordered the tamale plate.  I need to remember that I like my old roomates tamales, not restaurant tamales.  It was covered in so much stuff.  I ate maybe half before I was uber full.
The fajita was delicious though (I stole a bite of dan’s).  We are going to Mexico in just more than a month.  Yay!  I’m so excited for 5 days of sitting by the beach(under an umbrella) and drinking margaritas.

Where is your next trip going to be?  Do you relax on vacation or adventure?

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Kate said...

Now that I've started writing my dissertation (ew, ew, and more ew!) I don't really have any trips planned (sad). My goal is to lose 40 pounds this year (that's what I've got left before getting to my goal of 135), so M and I do have a couple "reward" outings/trips planned along the way. At 20 pounds we'll make a day trip to Gatlinburg, TN (only like 30 min from us) and do something fun and touristy. At 30 pounds (or at 30 pounds plus whenever my schedule permits) we'll take a trip to Niagara Falls because neither of us has ever been. And at 40 (again, at 40 plus whenever I can fit this in) we'll go camping in Yellowstone. We both love camping and hiking, so that'll be super fun.

On vacation I like to explore, so I guess I'm more adventure/action-oriented than I am relaxation oriented (but M likes to relax).

MackAttack said...

Kate, that sounds like some fantastic rewards! Good luck with the dissertation! yikes!

Gina said...

I'm hoping to go visit some folks in AZ at some point this year but the budget may be a wee bit too tight to allow such things. Have fun in Mexico, I am insanely jealous. I could use a little sunshine. Oh, well I may be going to Florida in the spring if the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios opens when my parents head down to their second home in Orlando for vacation. I mean, I can't miss THAT.

wildfluffysheep said...

i want to go to mexico.

i love tamales. can't get them here.
im making fajitas this week some time...