Not many food pictures from yesterday.  The day started out with us working on remaking the pancakes from last weekend.  I was just going to observe Dan in the making, but he was soon deposed as the pancake king in our house and I took over.  The results? What do you think?  Little pockets of airy deliciousness.

This was a very successful and filling.  Since they were smaller, they were fewer calories too! 48 cals/pancake!

shortly after breakfast I jumped onto the treadmill for my 4.2mile run/walk.  Yay! 


I’m never too hungry right after a run so I waited a bit for lunch and then I had chinese chicken leftovers.

I also had random snacks throughout the day. Dan had a swim meet last night and needed someone to help out with timing and counting laps.  I’m a terrible counter, so I agreed to go on two conditions.


1. I didn’t have to count.  I would be allowed to time


2. He take me out to dinner.


I was relieved of the duty of counting.  yay!  Dan and his teammates were all swimming the 1650 yard freestyle.  66 laps.  When you have to count laps you have to stick cards with the lap number into the water at far end of the pool.  This also means that you need to be right next to the side of the pool when the swimmer does the flip turn and splashes you with tons of water.  No thanks! 


Sometimes I do NOT miss swimming.  And meets are one thing I don’t miss. Sitting around for hours in a hot and humid chlorinated pool deck.  Being there definitely took me back to the days where I was the swimmer, crushing on swimmer boys, gossiping with my girlfriends.  Instead of being one of them, everyone thought I was a parent of one of the swimmers.  Crazily enough, I could be!  Oh how the times have changed.  One thing doesn’t change.  I was totally crushing on one of the swimmers, and it was great to see him have a great race(he dropped 19 seconds!).  Of course instead of being just my crush, he is my husband.  Close enough.


We got there around 5 and didn’t get out until after 8.  Since it was so late and we were pretty hungry, we decided to go to le central.  Yum!  I love having a local place like this to frequent.  No pictures from me because my camera was at home. (I didn’t want to subject it to either the humidity of the pool or the cold in the car!)


Happy Saturday!