Christmas Weight Gain

I haven’t yet posted about the dreaded holiday weight gain.  I gloated a little after Thanksgiving.  That totally bit my in the butt.  Christmas was all about the leftovers, decadent foods, convenience meals and of course, chocolate.  I think I gained a pound just looking at those pictures!  Needless to say I was nervous to step on the scale.  I did it anyway.  I stepped on the scale.  At first it said that I gained 7 pounds.  yikes!  On Tuesday the scale said I had only gained 4.  Wednesday it was only a gain of 3. Let’s hope this trend continues!

It’s amazing what water weight does!  I can feel a little difference, I’m feeling better now that we are getting back into our rhythm.  I miss my all bran bran buds!  Soon!  We grabbed some bagels and so that is what I’m eating for breakfast.
We also got some Clementine's that I have been faithfully snacking on all through work.
Lunch on Monday and Tuesday was a PB&J on Arnold’s Sandwich thins
And some chocolate.
Dinner wasn’t ready until late on Tuesday so I snacked on some cupcakes and some ants on a log.  Yum!
Dinner was pasta and totally hit the spot.  I was smelling our neighbor’s garlicky concoction and craving some pasta and garlic. 

Is anyone else as impressionable as I am?  I catch a glimpse or a sniff of a food and that’s enough to set me off!  I heard a coworker open a bag of potato chips and all I could think about that afternoon were chips.  I have to agree with anyone that says that people can be addicted to food.  I’m working to overcome this addiction, but it is hard avoiding something so necessary to existence. 

Do any scents or sounds set you off?  How did you do with the holiday weight gain?