Blogger Bake Sale for Haiti

Dan and I have been trying to figure out what we should do for the people of Haiti, and how we can help.  Diana over at The Chic Life, is organizing an online bake sale.  The concept is that bloggers will bake stuff and on January 27th other bloggers and readers will bid on these goodies and all the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.  So now all we have to figure out is what to make!  Any suggestions?  If you want to participate go visit Diana and let her know what you want to make, she’s accepting more bake sale items until Tuesday, January 26th.

Dan and I (mostly Dan) spent the day cooking!  We did a really big grocery shop on Friday and were excited to get cracking on our recipes.  And guess what, I didn’t have any mac n cheese!  Go me!  The morning started slowly with Dan making a Carrot Cake Pancake recipe that was adapted by Cooking Light from Snooze.  I loved eating at snooze, so I figured we’d love eating it at home!
It’s pretty calorie dense at about 300 calories per pancake.  But one pancake is totally enough. (I did NOT eat all of these-it was for composition-really, it was!)  They were so filling that Dan couldn’t finish eating the entire recipe.  Win win! 

Because of the heavy breakfast we had a really late lunch (3pm!) Dan made me some Shepherd’s pie (He doesn’t like shepherd’s pie, so it is all mine)

After lunch I really needed to exercise and so I went for a run at dusk.  I didn’t want to.  I kept thinking about how much better it would be to have a treadmill.  I got outside and hated it.  But then I slowed down the pace and I started to enjoy myself.  Instead of bargaining with myself about when I could stop, I kept going and enjoyed the view.  It wasn’t a long run, it wasn’t a fast run.  But I got out there and did it.  Go me!

Good thing I ran because dinner was pretty heavy.  Dan and I worked together to make some Caesar’s salad and grilled swordfish.  The Caesar's salad was from our Seasoned Chef class.  Ohhh it was good then, and it was good now.  We made this all from scratch. anchovy’s and homemade crouton’s.  It was a labor of love, but it was worth it.
So good.  To accompany the salad we grilled some swordfish from our new Jamie Oliver cookbook.  This was an uber garlicky dinner!
So good.  Oh soo good.  We ate so well yesterday.  I think I should run again today to burn off some of those calories!

On a semi related note, do you have a treadmill?  if so, leave me a comment about what you have!  Thanks!