Best diet ever

Last night was another example of a meal that I can’t believe I can eat on a diet.  I mean really, when I was low carbing I spent so much time longing for certain flavors and textures.  For me breakfast is often just a basic meal.  Lunch and dinner are when my taste buds come out to play :)

Breakfast was the usual all bran bran buds, just bunches, just pineapple and 2% milk.  Yes, we drink 2%.  Dan drinks 99% of our milk and needs the extra calories in his day.
Dan and I had a date lunch.  It was a great day to have one since it was SIXTY degrees!  Yup, 6-0.  We sat outside and really enjoyed the mid day break.  I ordered the Tokyo Joe's Joes roll.  They gave me SO MUCH Wasabi that I cried with every bite.  It was fabulous!
In the afternoon I had some clementines
and a piece of white chocolate. 
I was thinking about this in comparison to the rolos.  I’m sure both have a ton of sugar (compared to the dark chocolate) but the rolos would just continuously hop into my mouth.  The white chocolate and coconut does not.  I wonder if the Lindt is less processed than the rolos and so less of a trigger?  Or maybe I’m just a sucker for caramel?  What do you think?

After work Dan surprised me with a walk to the grocery store to pick up rice for dinner.  It was a perfect night to go on a walk!  We got home and Dan got started on dinner.  He made a new risotto recipe from Jamie Oliver.  This one included pecorino, prosciutto and goat cheese.
Wow.  It was perfection.  Savory and a bit salty and just the right combo of ingredients.  I’m thinking next time Dan should make it with roasted sage (and without the prosciutto and goat cheese). mmmmm tasty.  I love what I eat. 
What is awesome about your healthy habits?