yet another travel day

Monday came and Dan and I were getting ready to go back to Maryland.  The morning started with an egg sandwich ala mom.
We also made some fresh squeezed orange juice.

We grabbed pieces of cake for lunch before hitting the road. 
When we arrived in Maryland Dan’s Dad was in the middle of cooking up the Colorado Lamb we sent them for Christmas.
On the side we had cauliflower and potato gratin and nutmeg spinach.

On Tuesday we drove into Virginia to meet up with my sister, her husband and my niece!  124
I took almost 200 pictures.
Isn’t she adorable?!
we sat in this panera for about four hours and I got some quality baby holding time.
Isn’t her face so expressive?  She smiled a lot but never when my camera was ready to take her picture.  This picture was taken right before her nap, and I finally caught a smile!
And here’s a whole family shot.  We didn’t want to wake a sleeping baby for the picture.
I didn’t take a single food picture yesterday but it was pretty light.  Cereal for breakfast, kids grilled cheese for lunch and a turkey burger for dinner.  I’m hoping a few light days will make up for all the amazing food we had all week!